So here’s how my dinner went today:

My family normally goes to this Tex-mex restaurant downtown because we adore the food and atmosphere. It’s a very lively and friendly place to be and normally there are no real problems about noise or anything. Everything was going how it normally went except for the fact we were one of the few tables sitting in a back room of the restaurant. It was strange, but we were happy because it was much more relaxed than the rest of the place. But when we noticed the waiters setting up a large table we got a little worried that a large party of the usual loud sorority girls was going to come and disrupt our peaceful little nook. However looking back on it now I wish that it really was a bunch of sorority girls that intruded our area. 

This large crowd of people started rushing in. Most were wearing rather questionable outfits for the place and some were even wearing those “Neko ears” and sported some anime shirts. My family thought nothing of it and were relieved but I thought differently the moment I started to hear them throw in the occasional “kawaii” or “desu” along with a few other words. Now, I myself like some aspects of Japanese culture and entertainment. I do watch some anime and I adore Vocaloids but even though I don’t know Japanese well enough to speak it I could tell that none of these people knew the first thing about the language and some were even pronouncing words incorrectly (I don’t want to get into ethnicity but if that would matter as well…).

At first they were alright and were just talking about Naruto, Bleach and a few other anime that I could care less about but then they started talking about how trashy and shitty the music was that was playing in the restaurant and how “KAWIAII it would be if they were to throw in some J and K-pop in with the music.” Then another one let out a, “YEAH! Maybe even some of Len-kun and Miku-chan’s songs too!!” This then led to one of the girls wearing black cat ears getting up and pulling an iPod out of her Naruto bag and playing some J-Pop that disrupted all the other tables in the room. Nobody wants to hear this, they’re at dinner for goodness sake! But none of the people at the party cared, and instead they all started to dance around the room and sing with the music. They were bumping into the tables and didn’t care that some of us were trying to enjoy our food. My dad started to catch on to the reason why I was pissed off and stood up and told them to please be respectful of the other tables and sit down. My dad honestly is a VERY intimidating person, and you would think that if someone walked up to your party and said you were being too loud you would understand that and sit. No. They told my dad flat out:


That was when I drew the line. Firstly, I got up and went and got our waiter who then went ahead and got the manager who basically told them to either sit down and turn the music down/off or to leave. At first they sat down with no problems. But then they started talking their half-assed Japanese and kept pointing in the direction of my family’s table. When they were talking about “that BAKA man” I just KNEW they were talking about my father. I was pissed off enough already, but nobody should be that disrespectful to someone older then them. That was when I simply stood up and decided to tell them that they weren’t the only ones that know a shit or two about Japan and the shitty animes that they were discussing. Or really it was more like: 

"You know you guys aren’t the only ones that knows a fuck about Japanese culture and shit. How about you grow a pair and if you want to chew my father and I out for getting the manager to come how about you talk to us in your native language and stop acting like you know japanese because you’re not even talking fluently."

Yeah. The didn’t really speak much after that. Dinner was wonderful and quiet afterwards too. But I have never been that pissed off in a public place ever in my life. EVERRRRRR. Normally I can tolerate things, but I guess with the bumping in the tables and them basically telling my dad basically to fuck off when he didn’t really do much kind of sent me on a rampage. Oh well.

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